Breaking the Stereotype: Debunking the Myth of Control Loss in RPO Partnerships


Resourgenix has made finding the right talent to benefit your company a lot easier through its Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) methodology. Resourgenix can help companies streamline their recruitment process and acquire the best possible talent to fill their needs. However, some companies still hesitate to fully take advantage of RPO service providers.

While there are multiple benefits to working with an RPO service provider, such as improved savings, scalability, and access to top talent, many companies see using RPO services as giving up control of the recruitment process and jeopardizing the specific culture, values, and set goals that they have worked hard to cultivate. Some companies might also worry about integrating RPO services into their existing HR ERP systems. Resourgenix, however, assures that these issues are nothing to worry about by closely working from within the culture and space of the company to ensure their needs are met in the way they prefer.


When it comes to working with an RPO service, it might feel like giving up control of your recruitment process, leaving you out of the loop when it comes to important decisions regarding things like candidate selection. Some companies might be worried that working with a third party might give them inadequate oversight into matters that influence the future of their business.

Resourgenix avoids these issues by enforcing the policies set forth by their clients and by working within their preferred framework to ensure that the candidates chosen will be the best possible fit for the company.


Some companies might worry about how an RPO provider might fit into their existing Human Resources (HR) processes and systems and that it would take a lot of investment into their existing technology, staff training, and infrastructure to accommodate the integration.

Resourgenix avoids these issues by embedding itself into the culture of the company and working alongside a company’s HR department and through its processes and systems to ensure smooth integration. Not only that, but Resourgenix works to improve the systems and processes used by the company, with the goal of reengineering processes to make them quicker and more efficient for the company, all while working with the HR systems of the company itself!

Resourgenix hopes to provide companies with the best possible talent that can help them move forward and achieve their goals by working closely with the systems and programs that already exist within the company. Companies don’t have to worry about losing control or having to spend a lot of money on integration but can instead work with Resourgenix to ensure they get the most out of their RPO service.

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