Playing By Your Rules: How Resourgenix gives you control in Your CWP endeavours


The workplace has become a constantly changing landscape, and the demand for a wide array of new skills in quick supply has driven many companies to use contingent workforce programs (CWP) to remain flexible during these changing times. However many businesses are still hesitant to work fully with a Contingent Workforce Management Service Provider (CWM) due to fears of giving up control of the contract management.

Companies might feel like they would be giving up a lot when outsourcing CWM, like the selection of candidates, monitoring of performance and the management of risk. This article hopes to show how Resourgenix avoids these issues by embedding its methods into the company’s structure, working from within a framework that the company has established and enforcing the policies that the company holds dear. 

Choice of Candidate:

One of the many fears that companies might have when deciding to work with a CWM provider is the fear of giving up control in the selection of the contingent workers that will be joining their company. Companies might have certain standards and processes that they follow when it comes to the selection of contingent workers, that they would like to operate in as well as a specific culture that they would like to protect. By giving up control of which contingent workers they select, some companies might feel like they are jeopardising the processes and culture that matter to them. 

However working with a CWM service provider like Resourgenix, companies are able to see a number of benefits according to Anne Rutledge, Executive Director of talent solutions at Resourgenix. 

“Within a CWP the administration burden of managing contracts and compliance is removed from the managers and allows them more time to focus on the important items,” Rutledge comments. “Once this is demonstrated the concerns are removed about control as the program places more control with them by enabling a more streamlined process that is also tech-enabled.

Resourgenix overcomes these worries by embedding itself into the systems of the company itself. This process includes working from within a company’s chosen frameworks and policies. Resourgenix takes the company’s processes and procedures and works at finding contingent workers who will benefit the company by using the company’s policies according to Rutledge.

“A CWP program is implemented jointly with a client. Ultimately the client’s processes and ways of working are managed via Resourgenix. Each program is different in terms of how its managed and is dependent on the client’s strategic objective or what they would like to drive as key metrics.” writes Rutledge “ It is not a one-size-fits-all services approach, with each program implemented there is a significant amount of time spent understanding the client and their processes and procedures and together a fit for purpose program is implemented.” 

Companies who work with Resourgenix don’t need to fear a loss of control over their CWP. By embedding themselves into the company’s procedures, Resourgenix ensures that you maintain oversight in all aspects of the CWM programs.

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