Talent Solutions

We love a challenge.

No talent project is too small, too big, or too complex

How we do what we do is what makes us different.

We are easy to do business with. Everything about our resourcing talent solutions is flexible.

We have re-engineered how we source, recruit and place high-end skills into your business. We network and partner talented individuals with growing companies.

Whether you are looking for short-term flexible contracts, long-term contracting, contract to perm or permanent placements, we shape our resourcing talent acquisition solutions around your short-term and long-term strategic goals.

We are delivery focused, passionate and driven to make a positive impact on your business through quality talent.

Due to the flexibility of our approach, we have reduced time to hire, improved quality hires, reduced cost to hire and streamlined the recruitment process.

We don’t see ourselves as an extension to your Recruitment and HR teams;  we see ourselves as your Talent Acquisition partners, seamlessly integrating into your operations, bringing our talent expertise to the fore by taking care of your non-core recruitment functions.

With a deep specialisation in IT, Engineering, Sales and Finance, we manage your entire talent acquisition needs. We have recognised that not all organisations are ready to implement robust total talent management and acquisition programs.

We have in-house knowledge and implementation expertise across various talent management platforms.

Traditional Recruitment Solutions

We have various flexible and scalable solutions in place to assist in meeting your unique business needs.

Short- and Long-term flexible contracts

Even with well-thought-through succession plans and workforce planning, each company will always need to extend their permanent workforce with temps or contractors on a short- or long-term basis.

Whether you have an unexpected absence – resignation, maternity cover, long-term illness or you need to ramp up quickly for a particular project – we assist you in appointing a qualified professional, in a short time frame, to minimise potential disruption enabling you to meet business critical needs on time and on budget.

Our contracting solutions give you flexible support whilst it’s needed, without adding a permanent overhead. Our fully vetted pool of temps and contractors can be ‘parachuted’ into a range of time critical situations. These professionals are available for set periods of time or can be flexible for the time it takes to deliver a specific project.

Contract to Perm placements

Our contracting solutions give you flexible support as and when you need it and can very easily become a permanent placement solution in the event the contract skill is the right fit for your business.

Our fully vetted pool of temps and contractors can be ‘parachuted’ into a range of time critical situations.

Permanent Recruitment

We have an extensive recruitment process which is continuously fine-tuned as our world of work evolves to ensure we find the very best candidate for you. Our capability combined with expertise enables us to match the right people to the right positions based on analysing and evaluating the skills, experience, and personality of the applicants.

Upon engaging one of our Resourgenie™ consultants we ensure that we drive a customer experience that is a consultative one. We consult with you to understand the job description and requirements and define a set of key traits which determine the skills, experience, technical competencies, and key performance indicators for the position.

We search for candidates through your traditional methods but in addition we look for those passive not-so-easy to find candidates via unconventional methods and deep searches. An effective sourcing strategy is adopted for each permanent assignment we obtain which includes a multi-facet approach – via our own Resourgenie™ candidate database, Online job boards, Social Media platforms and Candidate referral programmes. We have various solutions in place to assist in meeting your unique needs.

Technology-Enabled Workforce Solutions

We welcome the opportunity to conduct an in-depth need analysis with you to provide a customised solution that meets your evolving talent needs.

Direct Sourcing

At Resourgenix we live to deliver top talent and as such we have worked with numerous global partners to bring to South Africa the best in class talent acquisition methodology and tools.

To implement a sophisticated talent acquisition methodology, we understand that the number one priority is to access talent directly, ultimately supporting our client’s internal database of candidates, in order to build a pro-active pipeline of skills, which dramatically reduce the time to hire.

Talent acquisition requires continuous innovation to secure the best skills. Our aim in our Direct Sourcing programme is to source directly and to greatly reduce the need for external agencies.

Our ability to find and attract skills quickly is technology enabled. The selected technology takes all the above methods into account and provides a seamless experience for both recruiters, hiring manager and candidates.

In evaluating talent it is important to understand what you are cultivating today will continue to meet the needs of the business tomorrow. Our Direct Sourcing model encompasses understanding future needs, assessing current performance, understanding your competitors, design talent pooling and implement inbound recruiting methodologies.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

Our RPO solution brings together global best-practice on-demand recruitment solutions to our clients whilst maintaining a local flavour aligned to the South African market.

Our solution drives efficiencies through continuous innovation; reducing turnaround times and consistently driving candidate quality and retention rates. We transform the user and candidate experience and generate substantial brand equity for our clients.

Our solution is measurable against set down standards and KPI’s and consistently reduces the cost of vacancies and the cost to acquire talent in a very competitive talent shortage market. Our solution comprises of 6 modules which drive the talent acquisition programme; Employee Value Proposition, Consultative business partnering, Talent Sourcing, Technology Platforms, Data Analytics and Insights, and Supplier Management.

We understand that not all organisations have the same requirements. As such, our solutions are very flexible in that you may select the full bouquet of services or a portion of the services. Our experienced Resourgenie™ team will work with you to co-create a solution that is fit for your purpose, be it Enterprise RPO, Project RPO, Point-of-Service RPO, or Recruiter on Demand RPO.

Managed Service Provider (MSP)

Our Managed Service offering covers all contracting workforce categories: Contingent; all contractors supplied through a Time and Materials agreement, SOW: all Statement of Work contractors supplied through a scope of work contract, deliverable-based pricing, or fixed price fee for specific deliverables, and Profile Worker: Third-party resources that are supplied through a Managed Service.

Our solution encompasses four components People, Process, Technology and Analytics and is enabled by the use of a Vendor Management System which provides you with auditability and reporting that is required for Compliance and Risk mitigation, end-to-end visibility, access to top talent, talent branding expertise, supply chain efficiency, statement of work (SOW), improved flexibility and scalability, analytics and data management and innovative technologies and practices.

We understand that not all organisations have the same requirements. As such, our solutions are very flexible. Our experienced Resourgenie™ team will work with you to co-create a solution that is fit for your purpose, be it a fully Outsourced MSP Solution or a Master Vendor Solution.

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