Why Partner with a Staffing Provider?

Looking at the challenges above, it is evident that partnering with a staffing provider to assist your organisation goals to develop a direct sourcing strategy that is not only effective but also cost effective is of utmost importance.

What does a staffing provider bring to the solution for you?

1. Accessing rate data

Having access to hiring data in the market allows companies to benchmark what is being paid for specific roles. If a rate card is in place that already goes a long way, however maintaining and ensuring that the rate card stays relevant and in line with the market is what makes the difference.

In addition, understanding what you pay for critical skills can also become challenging, often managers rate roles as critical skills in order to bypass rate cards.

2. Creating a pay rate card

So, you have a bill rate card in place, how do you work backwards to create a pay rate card? It can be a simple math exercise if your vendors are providing you with accurate information on what they are paying their contractors. Creating a pay rate card that is up to date is important in attracting the right skilled quality candidates.

3. Negotiating rates

You need to ensure that you are negotiating with your directly sourced contractors. This can be accomplished either by giving hiring managers the tools and information needed to do it, or by leaning on your trusted contractor payrolling provider.

Providing hiring managers with the rates and tools required has its own challenges as there are still no real level of control whilst having a provider who is specifically measured against the outcomes of rate cards is a definite cost saving initiative.

4. Track your results

We’ve all heard the saying that if you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it. This is no exception. Make sure you track your hiring and the results of the negotiation efforts.

What are you finding? Are there certain hiring managers that are less compliant? Are there specific roles that you have less success negotiating with? This is powerful information for your contingent worker program.

About Resourgenix

Resourgenix, is a South African based talent resourcing company with global reach, partnering with clients across the globe.

Founded in 2019 by Graham Bentley and Grant Cameron-Smith with over 25 years industry experience, our solutions include:

  • Short- and long-term flexible contracts
  • Contract to perm placements
  • Permanent recruitment
  • Direct sourcing solutions
  • Recruitment process outsourcing (RPO)
  • Managed service provider (MSP) – contracting and supply chain management

Our solutions are co-designed with your requirements in mind.

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