What is Direct Sourcing?

What is Direct Talent Sourcing?

This term is used very loosely by companies but essentially it is the practice of recruiting and hiring contractors by leveraging your current workforce networks in addition to bolstering awareness through your employee brand, as opposed to utilizing the services of a staffing provider or a vendor only.

Most companies are completely unaware of how much direct sourcing is already taking place in their business and are shocked to discover that it can make up to 50% of their total contingent workforce when they do review their hiring practices.

These candidates however are mostly handed over to staffing agencies to process and in return the staffing agency places the candidate back at the referring company, often at a premium fee.

Second generation contingent programmes are recognising this and therefore are looking at more efficient ways to maximize this by closely tracking the direct sourcing activities. They often look at measures to improve transparency and to control costs.

Resourgenix has over 25 years’ experience in supporting large corporates on how to manage and implement an effective direct sourcing programme coupled with a candidate and contractor care programme in addition to offering a legally compliant payroll service.

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