Why Choose Direct Sourcing?

Direct Sourcing offers companies immediate benefits in that it has proven to be effective and easy to do and is often not burdened with lots of internal red tape.

For this reason, Direct Sourcing complements any resourcing strategy.

Some of the reasons companies are leaning more heavily towards Direct Sourcing:

1. Technology

With technology becoming more and more readily available it has made it easier to search on social media and obtain real time referrals. Utlising the company social platforms has made it easier to connect with previous colleagues and past employees (Alumni).

2. Cost

There is a perception that this is a much more cost-effective way to source, as companies avoid third party fees that they would normally pay to a staffing company.

3. Quality candidates

Direct Sourcing provides companies with access to stronger and more qualified candidates who want to earn more and are not restricted by a rate card.

4. Less risk

If a candidate is a referral from a client, a hiring manager can trust and rely more on the candidate rather than an unknown candidate who is introduced via a competitive search process.

5. Greater control

Where a hiring manager is invested in managing his side of the process to recruit a team member, the process can be completed a lot quicker than through Internal HR hiring processes.

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